How to Keep a Borad Meeting Online Running Smoothly

As nonprofits continue to shift away from in-person meetings to online calls, it’s important that board members understand how to keep these meetings running smoothly. In the event that participants are in same room or across the world, there are a variety of things that could affect the quality of you can try this out a meeting. Participants may encounter technical problems such as an unresponsive display or sudden loss of audio. These problems can occur, but the best way to prevent these is to prepare ahead of time.

For instance, creating an agenda prior to the time allows attendees to see what’s on the horizon and provide feedback on potential topics before the meeting. This can help the meeting run more smoothly because participants can focus on the most important issues. Agendas can be laid out in priority order and include time slots for each subject. The agenda should also include an approximate time of the meeting to ensure that participants stay on track and don’t exceed their allotted time.

A teleconference tool permits a member to share his computer screen with other members of the team. This will ensure that the online meeting running smoothly. This is especially helpful if the board must present financial reports, committee reports or any other type of document that requires visual representation.

Furthermore, this feature allows an individual to make in-real-time modifications to a file being displayed to the group. This feature can be very beneficial when a group is reviewing a data-driven spreadsheet.