Maximizing the Productivity of an Online Board Meeting

Online board meetings are a great opportunity for board members that travel a lot for their job. They can attend meetings without having to adjust their schedules or deal with limitations on time like quarantine times or flight costs.

There are however a few aspects to be considered to increase the efficiency of an online board meeting. Before the meeting begins, the meeting leader should ensure that everyone is equipped with the right equipment and software. It is important to check that the screen, microphone and other equipment are all functioning correctly. It is also recommended to have a staff member on hand to assist attendees. The staff member can assist with login issues, provide technical assistance during the conference and supervise the chat room to answer questions.

In addition, the chair of the board should set the tone for a meeting that is online by establishing ground guidelines for discussion. Participants can be asked to raise their hands virtual to speak in order to prevent the possibility of having multiple people speaking at the same time. They can also advise attendees to use the mute option when they don’t want be heard or if they aren’t taking part in the discussion. They can also ask to have speakers announce their name before speaking to avoid confusion about who is speaking.

It is also essential to provide an agenda in writing to let participants know what is expected to be discussed at the meeting and where it’s going. It is an excellent idea to send it to participants in advance so that they can plan their questions and responses.