SAE Tech Papers, , 2014-Sep (Sep ) , Details

SAE Tech Papers, , 2014-Sep (Sep ) , Details

Ernest N.;Cohen K.;Schumacher C.;Casbeer D. (01-01-2014. ) Studying off smart controllers to have autonomous unmanned handle aerial automobile by the hereditary cascad .

Wei W.;Tischler Yards.;Schwartz Letter.;Cohen K. (01-01-2014. ) Frequency-domain system personality and you can simulation off a quadrotor control .AIAA Modeling and Simulation Innovation Conference 2014, , Addiitional information

Fnu V.S.; Cohen K. (01-01-2014. ) Smart blurry airline control of an autonomous quadrotor UAV .52nd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Fulfilling – AIAA Science and Tech Community forum and Exposition, SciTech 2014, , More info

Kivelevitch E.; Sharma B.; Ernest N.; Ku. ) Good Hierarchical Market Substitute for the newest Minute-Maximum Several Depots Auto Routing Situation .Unmanned Systems, , dos (1 ) ,87-100 Considerably more details

Sabo C.; Kingston D.; Cohen K. (01-01-2014. ) A components and you will Heuristic Method of Task Allotment and you will Navigation out of UAVs less than Limited Communicat .Unmanned Possibilities, , 2 (step one ) ,1-17 Info

Homchaudhuri B.;Ku. ) Genetic algorithm founded simulation-optimisation for assaulting wildfires .Internationally Journal regarding Computational Measures, , ten (6 ) , Additional info

Kivelevitch Elizabeth.;Cohen K.;Ku. ) A market-situated choice to brand new numerous take a trip salesmen condition .Record out-of Intelligent and Automated Possibilities: Concept and you may Programs, , 72 (step 1 ) ,21-40 Much more information

Mitchell S.Meters.;Ernest Letter. (09-16-2013. ) Evaluation out-of blurry optimization and you will hereditary blurred tips in the solving a good altered take a trip salesperson .AIAA Infotech from the Aerospace (I within An effective) Meeting, ,

Cohen K.; Kivelevitch Age.; Ku. ) An industry-dependent solution to this new Multiple Depots, Multiple Traveling Salesmen Trouble with winnings .AIAA Infotech on Aerospace (I within A) Meeting, ,

D.;Cohen K

Agarwal J.;Cohen K.;Ku. ) Fuzzy reason situated real-go out forecast design to possess wildland forest fires .AIAA Infotech within Aerospace (We at the A) Conference, ,

Cohen K.; Kivelevitch Elizabeth.; Kuming option to the latest Min-Max Multiple-Depots, Multiple Travelling Salesperson Problem .AIAA Infotech in the Aerospace (I on A) Meeting, ,

Ernest Letter.;Cohen K.;Schumacher C. (09-16-2013. ) UAV swarm navigation through hereditary blurred discovering strategies .AIAA Infotech at Aerospace (I at the A great) Fulfilling, ,

Cohen K.; Putman P.; Walker A great. (09-16-2013. ) Blurry reason feelings control of an effective magnetically actuated CubeSat .AIAA Infotech on Aerospace (We at Good) Conference, ,

Garg S.;Sharma B.R.;Cohen K.;Ku. ) A proper Orthogonal Decomposition situated formula having cigarette smoking filtering when you look at the films .Process of Western Control Conference, , 3529-3534

;Kukreti A.;Cohen K. (09-01-2013. ) Improvement regarding a tuned bulk damper for building formations playing with fuzzy logic .JVC/Journal off Vibrations and you will Manage, , 19 (twelve ) ,1763-1772 Additional information

Walker An excellent.;Cohen K. (08-19-2013. ) Blurred power over one or two a few-degree of versatility solutions .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting such as the The fresh Limits Community forum and you can Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Cohen K.; Garg S.; Ku. ) A blurry Reason built image processing way for automatic flame and smoke recognition .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Fulfilling including the This new Limits Forum and you may Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Agarwal J.;Cohen K.;Ku. ) Applying of Blurred reasoning and you can GIS inside a flames-anticipate algorithm to have situationalk good sense built o .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Conference like the This new Perspectives Community forum and you can Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Create B.;Mitchell S.;Cohen K. (08-19-2013. ) Fuzzy reasoning inference getting pong (FLIP) .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the The fresh Limits Forum and you can Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Mitchell S.;Cohen K.;Ku. ) Accuracy Route Optimisation playing with Blurred Cleverness (PROFIT) .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Appointment including the New Horizons Message board and you can Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Hanlon Letter.;Kuic programming to possess choice-and make and you will funding allowance while in the wildland fires .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Conference like the The brand new Horizons Community forum and you may Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Edalath S

Cohen K.; Ernest Letter.; Schumacher C. (08-19-2013. ) Collective tasking out of UAV’s playing with an inherited fuzzy strategy .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Conference such as the This new Perspectives Community forum and you may Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,